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Native Americana: Heirloom-Quality Garments & Goods

Ginew is Native Americana: fusing contemporary Native American style with Ojibwe, Oneida and Stockbridge-Munsee design elements in heirloom-quality garments and goods. This family business is based in Portland, Oregon, USA and founded by Amanda Bruegl – Oneida, Stockbridge-Munsee and Erik Brodt – Ojibwe.

Ginew is the first Native American-owned denim collection. The founders are thoughtful about the entire apparel ecosystem, from Earth to Humanity and aim to provide opportunity especially for the Native community. This purpose is guided by their entrepreneurial spirit and is expressed through their leadership and drive to be transformational leaders in the apparel industry:

    • Transform the clothing-manufacturing industry
    • Transform the people + planet versus profit model
    • Transform the historical representation of Native culture

    The co-founders explore their family histories and through this exploration, express American Indian identities in a contemporary context and share this with the world through the collection. Ginew is purposeful and story-born. Through storytelling, Ginew takes the reader to a place where curiosity is inspired. Ginew invites others, Native and Non-Natives, to understand and wear the history and culture crafted into the collection.

    “Minobimaadiziiwin” – “Yohahi-yo sathahita?n” are philosophies in their tribes which embodies the concept to live in a good way. Simply put: Live Well. Erik and Amanda choose to live intentionally with the adventurous spirit of their relatives and invite others to join the adventure. Visit Ginew’s online boutique to learn more.