Our impact is the improved well-being of Indigenous Peoples


The driving force behind our impact measurement journey is the need for us to ensure that everything we do at Raven ultimately contributes to the improved well-being of Indigenous Peoples.

UNDRIP Article 3: Self-determination

Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

In 2023 Totem launched their debit card and began their journey to serve 1.6 million unbanked Native Americans.

Desired outcome: Barriers are removed so that Natives can fully participate in the modern economy in confidence and trusted relationship.

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Serving 425,000+ Indigenous users (127% increase from 2021) and 270 Active Nations with status card renewals, banking, community engagement, and election and voting services in trusted relationship.

Desired outcome: Indigenous Identities are celebrated, and Indigenous People are empowered, sovereign, and lifted up.

UNDRIP Article 15(1): Freedom of expression

Indigenous Peoples have the right to the dignity and diversity of their cultures, traditions, histories and aspirations which shall be appropriately reflected in education and public information.

Cheekbone has seen 5x growth in their Scholarship Fund ($22,176 donated in 2023) and held media campaigns such as #GlossedOver.

Indigenous youth have a space in the beauty industry where they feel safe and proud of where they are from.

Impact is multi-faceted, and the well-being of our peoples and communities are at the core

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Growing Indigenous ownership and employment


of all employees

are Indigenous or

Native American


of our companies

are majority

Indigenous owned


of all contractors

are Indigenous or

Native American