Venture Fund I

Animikii Indigenous Technology

Driving social innovation through Indigenous Technology.

Animikii is a values-driven Indigenous digital agency with an expert team across a number of digital spaces, including web design, software development, design & branding, and digital communications. With an emphasis on starting every project from a place of meaninga and respect, they strive to maintain a transparent and collaborative environment across all disciplines. Animikii’s straightforward approach is a breath of fresh air in a normally transactional type industry. Their array of skilled innovators look at the “who” before the “work” as they travel with their partners on a journey to reach their goals together. As a B Corp Certified and CCAB CERTIFIED ABORIGINAL BUSINESS, Animikii believes the success of their business is dependant on the ability to live out their values through relationships with clients and partners. They promote collaboration, not competition. If you’re an Indigenous technologist or innovator, Animikii wants to find a way to work with you, not against you. Being a socially-minded, Indigenous, technology company, not only do they have deep-rooted knowledge and experience within the Indigenous community, but Animikii shares the same goal of creating better outcomes for Indigenous peoples. The Animikii team is remote-friendly and distributed Canada-wide from the stunning coastlines of Vancouver island, across the towering rockies and sweeping prairies to Ontario and Quebec, and north to the untamed beauty of the Yukon.