Raven releases Impact Framework

Cedar boxNovember 21, 2022:  On December 1, 2022, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners (RICP) will release the second-generation Raven Indigenous Impact Measurement Framework (RIM). The RIM is the culmination of a robust development process that reflects the knowledges, policies, and practices that root Raven’s work in Indigenous values and knowledges from across Turtle Island.

The RIM will receive a traditional Indigenous blessing during a virtual gathering with investors in Raven’s Indigenous Impact Funds, the CEOs of Raven’s portfolio companies, and other key partners. Guests will gather in ceremony to witness Raven’s affirmation of foundational values and aim of commuting measurable benefits to Indigenous Peoples, strengthen collective relationships, and creating shared understanding of impact in the Indigenous space. We invite asset managers and investors to also include Indigenous voices and methods in measuring impact.

The release of the RIM furthers our commitment to be in service to Indigenous Peoples and their well-being. We hold ourselves accountable to this purpose and are honoured to advance this work in a way that speaks to our mission to decolonize and reculturalize investment practices.

Paul Lacerte, Managing Partner, RICP

It has been an honour to witness Raven Capital’s journey of growth and innovation in the Indigenous impact measurement space. During our Impact Frontiers learning cohort, Raven blended ‘mainstream’ impact measurement approaches, such as those facilitated by the IMP, with Indigenous wisdom, and achieved excellence in both. I’m so pleased that the ‘mainstream’ now has the opportunity to learn from Raven as the Impact Frontiers community and I have.

Mike McCreless, Executive Director, Impact Frontiers

Raven Capital has worked hard to ensure that every dollar invested is linked explicitly to improved outcomes and well-being for Indigenous Peoples. The RIM reflects the experimental learning and internal capacity we have developed around understanding and measuring the impacts of our investments.

Stephen Nairne, Chief Investment Officer, RICP
A key evolution in the impact measurement practice at Raven is alignment of its impact measurement practice to one the 46 UN DRIP articles. Raven’s impact measurement approach includes support for portfolio companies to align their outcomes with one or more of these articles.

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Media Contact: Kaitlin Littlechild, Strategic Communications Manager